Puebla, Mexico - Google Documentary Commercial - Director of Photography

Puebla, Mexico - Google Documentary Commercial - Director of Photography

Ube Films was founded with the idea that things are moving fast. You knew that already, you can feel it in every big city, on every commute. Media, flying through air digitally, faster than your little heart can handle. Faster controversy, faster reactions. Bigger streams, more events. And organizations, businesses, and non-profits are all retooling to become more inhabitable, more downloadable, and more photogenic.

At Ube, we play in the space between sensationalism and authenticity. Our collaborators have backgrounds ranging across journalism, fine art, dance, music, and narrative content. (None of us sleep, we just take little breaks.)

Our parents were Baby Boomers who emigrated with a dream of prosperity through diversity. They still call their country “Home” even though they haven’t lived there in decades. “One day we’ll retire and go Home…”

Our ideals were borne on the backs of those experiences, being in schools in homogenized places, looking alien at home and feeling alien visiting “Home.” It is Ube’s goal to work with collaborators and creatives from a myriad of backgrounds who are looking for their own definition of diaspora, which is a simple word describing not only the anxieties of being lost, but the rewarding feeling of joining forces and creating a new story together.

We look forward to making great content with you.